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⚵ the software

One of the most commonly asked questions asked of me is, "How did you do this?" My art utilizes a combination of a 3D posing software called Poser and image editing sofware like Photoshop. I refer to it as digital art and not 3D because I am not creating models from scratch. I purchase a liscense for all the various bits and pieces and put it together to create something completely my own.

⚵ the inspiration

The second most commonly asked question is where I get my ideas. I love the fantasy and science fiction genre. Growing up, my walls were always papered with posters or magical places. While I may have moved away and the posters came down, my love of fantasy never dwindled. Most of my art comes from me falling in love with a particular setting and wanting to create my own original character to inhabit it. Inspiration comes from books, TV shows, movies and video games. Unless otherwise noted as fanart, all of my characters are original and not meant to be any known real or fictional person.

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art related links/favorite artists

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gaming sites i visit

ggsgamer.com | legendofmana.info | worldofwarcraft.com | gamefaqs.com

neat people i know ♥

asynjur.com | domynoes.com | furious-angel.com | honeybee-inn.net | hydroxide.co.uk | jemjabella.co.uk | oceanflare.net | pioneerproject.net | psyche.nu | qrayg.com | venusgospel.net | wild-seven.org | zanarkand.net

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